ilustrated Bible OF Den Haad

Date: XII Century.
Originl kept:
Royal Dutch Library, KB 76 F5.
255 x 165 mm.
Miniatures: 45 fully iluminate.
Green velvet with silvery clasps.
Latin and French.



The beautiful miniatures are clearly within the so-called French style of 1200. The main characteristic was the depth of golden figures with byzantine influence with vivid colours and flat images, maintaining though some conventional roman format.

There is a total 172-coloured images representing the cycle of Salvation, beginning with Adam and Eve in earthly paradise and finishing with judgement day.

During the XIII century the manuscript had various owners and more text was added in Latin and French making some specialists wonder what the real name of this Codex was, proposing finally  “De Hebraeis et Christianis Chronicon” as the most correct. This fact, together with the originality of its miniatures makes this codex a unique one.

A beautiful binding in green velvet protects the pages of this codex, dated in the XVIII century. The clasps that hold the covers have a Greek double cross engraved in them.

The facsimile edition of the Ilustrated Bible of Den Haad complete with a carrying case for storage and a supplementary study book, performed by specialists in the field.
Our facsimile consists of a single edition of 695 numbered copies, duly authenticated by
notarial deed.


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