The Illuminated Apocalipsis OF Lyon

Date: XV Century.
Originl kept:
Municipal Library of Lyon, ms. 0439.
295 x 220 mm.
Miniatures: 48 full page illuminated.
Binding: Embossed bovine brown leather.
Estudy: Dra. Michèle Lefebvre.


The Apocalipsis of Lyon can be dated between 1445 and 1450 and was written in the artistic and literary area of northern France in the region of Picardie and Artois and it was most probably produced in Arras or Cambrai.

This manuscript was kept during the XVI and XVII century in the area of Arras, in fact two well recognised experts from northern France, Alexander le Blancq and later Maximilien Charles of Coupigny confirm this fact.

The text is made up of 230 verses in Latin, the first eight verses as a means of introduction explaining to the reader the relationship between text and images, the last eight verses are the conclusion of the explanations.

The rest of the Manuscript is divided in miniatures and four verses per page; the two verses situated above the images
are a resume of the Apocalipsis while the two texts situated below are a commentary of each image.

The particular way the text and the images are structured make the Apocalipsis of Lyon a unique work of art.

48 Illuminated miniatures illustrate the text of the Apocalipsis using a unique technique of that particular time very close to the coloured drawing with an extensive use of vivid colours among which thepowerful Crimson stands out, in this manner the artist of the Apocalipsis becomes more than just a simple illuminator.

There is no doubt that the illuminator was well documented in the origins of the text of the Apocalipsis and most likely was advised by an expert in Theology, all this activity reveals a unique and consummate artist.

The facsimile edition of the Illuminated Apocalipsis of Lyon is encased for its conservation together with a complementary study book.

Our facsimile consists of a single edition of 995 numbered copies, duly authenticated by notarial deed.



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