History of the Destruction OF Troy

Date: XIV Century.
Originl kept:
The State Hermitage Museum, Lat.F.v.IV.5
288 x 222 mm.
302 páges.
Miniatures: 35 Full size miniatures.
Bound in leather embossed in gold.


Between 1270 and 1287, Guido della Colonne, Italian lawyer, historian and poet, wrote a Latin version in prose of 35 chapters reducing the famous epic of Benoit of Sainte-Maure about the Troy War, from the expedition of the Argonauts until the death of Ulises.

The language that Guido uses is the medieval scholastic Latin, conscious of the desire to express elegance. 

Of the 100 manuscripts still preserved of Guido´s text, its lavish miniatures characterize the one in the Russian National Library. Although the artist of the miniatures is unknown, one can appreciate a great influence of the Italian school of the XIV century.

Two different artists can be observed in the miniatures of this wonderful codex.

Previous to the XVIII century the location of this codex is unknown.  In the first half of the XVIII century it belonged to Jean-Louis Gaignant, a French Bibliographer as indicated on the book´s cover. It is also known that Catherine The Great thought of acquiring the entire collection to Gainant in 1769. It was probably during this time when it was bought by one of the Stroganov. In 1889  it finally arrived to the Russian National Library.

The facsimile edition of the Ilustrated Bible of Den Haad complete with a carrying case for storage and a supplementary study book, performed by specialists in the field.
Our facsimile consists of a single edition of 299 numbered copies, duly authenticated by
notarial deed.



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