The LIFE OF virgIn marY

Date: XVI Century.
Originl kept:
Municipal de Rouen, ms. Leber 146
322 x 250 mm.
46 páges.
Miniatures: Integramente miniado.
Bound in leather embossed in gold.
Latin and French.


The grandiose pages of this codex indicates without doubt that it was produced for the great monarch Francis I, who was considered  the leader of the French Renaissance.

The “ Fleur de Lys “ appears in various miniatures of this beautiful codex  as well as the coat of arms and emblem of the monarch that is represented by a salamander in a fire-pan.

Scenes of Virgin Mary´s life illustrate the pages of this manuscript from her birth to her Crowning.

With reference to the miniatures the  artist complies with the rules of the time and the magnificence of this work is again reflected in the treatment the author  gives to curtains, table-cloths, canopy …… achieving an ambience surrounding Virgin Mary of authentic palace splendour.

Virgin Mary crown by Goodas universal  Queen of all creation is the subject of the beautiful pages of this codex produced for a king considered the King of French Renaissance.

The facsimile edition of the Ilustrated Bible of Den Haad complete with a carrying case for storage and a supplementary study book, performed by specialists in the field.
Our facsimile consists of a single edition of 595 numbered copies, duly authenticated by
notarial deed.




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